Jan 23-27: EM reads

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Our selection of emerging markets-focused commentary on markets, economics and international policy, updated throughout the week

Emerging donors chip away at aid industry’s status quo - Reuters

Rogue aid? On the importance of political institutions and natural resources for China’s allocation of foreign aid - VoxEU

Where Are The Emerging Market Risk Bombs? - Zero Hedge

China: The paradox of prosperity - Economist

‘Fool in the Shower’ to Give Fed a Good Scalding: Caroline Baum - Bloomberg

- Austerity and the markets: the perils of prudence - Economist

Davos Dispatch: Nobelist Spence on ‘Next Convergence’ - Yahoo! Finance

Cooling China worries some multinationals - Reuters

- Analysis: More, not less, oil this year despite Iran ban - Reuters

- Things are terrible. Whoopee! - Economist

- In Thailand, A Rare Peek At His Majesty's Balance Sheet - Forbes

- Nigeria: Power outage - FT

Davos 2012: The Rise of Regions in a G-Zero World – The Atlantic

Billionaires Occupy Davos as 0.01% Bemoan Inequality – Bloomberg

Come on China, Buy our stuff! – NYT

- Why Singapore Has the Cleanest Government Money Can Buy: View – Bloomberg

India’s year of living stagnantly – Project Syndicate

Capital inflows, exchange-rate flexibility, and credit booms - Vox EU

The End of Cheap China. Part II. - China Law Blog

- Hungary, Misunderstood? - NYT

China Financing Slowdown Reduces Systemic Risk, Moody’s Says – Bloomberg

Argentina’s drought: counting the costs - FT

- Going abroad: the world in their hands – Economist

China's Foreign Aid: The Economist still doesn't get it – China-Africa Real Story

- In Defense of China's GDP data – WSJ

Are China and India converging? – Vox EU

Fatima Bhutto Blasts Imran Khan – WSJ

Osborne’s RMB deal is a major boost for the UK – Grant Thornton

- Guest post: social housing won’t fix China’s economy – FT

And finally...

- Warren Buffett plays the ukulele on Chinese state TV's New Year's Eve gala show – Shanghaiist 

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