Feb 26 - March 2: EM reads

27/02/2012 |

Our selection of emerging markets-focused commentary on markets, economics and international policy, updated throughout the week
Too Much Money, Too Few Deals in China - WSJ Blogs

Danger in Xi's rebuff to Obama: Stephens - FT

Why aren’t students learning to speak Indonesian? - FT Beyond Brics

With no enemies in sight, Brazil eyes defense boom: Phillips - Bloomberg View

The End Of Cheap China, Part VI. Vietnam, Burma/Myanmar, Globalization, The Next Big Thing, And Falling Wages - China Law Blog

Banks try equity swaps in frontier markets - FT

Is India's 6% Growth Rate the New Normal? - Wall Street Journal India Real Time

North Korean secrets lie six feet under - Asia Times

Investment banking: A whole new ball game - Euromoney

Magic Mountain (What happens at Davos?)- New Yorker

China is right to open up slowly - FT

My Drone War - Foreign Policy

Pandit Fast Money With Hedge Funds Proves Citigroup Dead End With Spinoffs - Bloomberg

What Does China See in Syria? - The New Yorker

"Liquidity Is The Last Refuge Of The Scoundrel" - The Big Picture

Staring Into The Ukrainian Economic And Political Abyss - Fistful of Euros

The Euro Crisis – An Interview with Larry Hatheway, UBS Chief Economist - AllAboutAlpha

Bull Market for Bear Bile Leads to China IPO: Adam Minter
Investment and Political Risks Spur Capital Outflow from Russia - ISI Emerging Markets

Why do entrepreneurs locate where they do? - VoxEu

Rmb: of limited use? - FT, Beyond Brics

A Scorsese in Lagos - New York Times

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