Feb 26 - March 2: EM reads

27/02/2012 |

Our selection of emerging markets-focused commentary on markets, economics and international policy, updated throughout the week
Too Much Money, Too Few Deals in China - WSJ Blogs

Danger in Xi's rebuff to Obama: Stephens - FT

Why aren’t students learning to speak Indonesian? - FT Beyond Brics

With no enemies in sight, Brazil eyes defense boom: Phillips - Bloomberg View

The End Of Cheap China, Part VI. Vietnam, Burma/Myanmar, Globalization, The Next Big Thing, And Falling Wages - China Law Blog

Banks try equity swaps in frontier markets - FT

Is India's 6% Growth Rate the New Normal? - Wall Street Journal India Real Time

North Korean secrets lie six feet under - Asia Times

Investment banking: A whole new ball game - Euromoney

Magic Mountain (What happens at Davos?)- New Yorker

China is right to open up slowly - FT

My Drone War - Foreign Policy

Pandit Fast Money With Hedge Funds Proves Citigroup Dead End With Spinoffs - Bloomberg

What Does China See in Syria? - The New Yorker

“Liquidity Is The Last Refuge Of The Scoundrel” - The Big Picture

Staring Into The Ukrainian Economic And Political Abyss - Fistful of Euros

The Euro Crisis – An Interview with Larry Hatheway, UBS Chief Economist - AllAboutAlpha

Bull Market for Bear Bile Leads to China IPO: Adam Minter
Investment and Political Risks Spur Capital Outflow from Russia - ISI Emerging Markets

Why do entrepreneurs locate where they do? - VoxEu

Rmb: of limited use? - FT, Beyond Brics

A Scorsese in Lagos - New York Times

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  1. RUSSIA: Putin’s Crimea victory risks economic defeat

  2. BANKING SECTOR: Cautious optimism returns to CEE banks as recovery begins

The banking sector is not really intermediating resources. There is no lending going on.

Debora Revoltella, head of the EIB’s economic department