Feb 20-24: EM reads

17/02/2012 |

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Debate rages over Western role in Islamic finance - Reuters

Blueprint for China to open up markets - FT

Kenya’s Money in the Past - Bankelele

When will China emerge from the global crisis? - Michael Pettis' Finance Blog

Europe Should Heed Asia's Lessons: Pesek - Bloomberg

The Cairo Consensus
 - Economonitor

GDP bonds are a reall bad idea, part 3: Salmon - Reuters

China cannot ignore the will of Hong Kongers: Pilling - FT

Mexico's Burgeoning Economy Amid Drug Violence - CFR

Chongqing still reeling from police chief's fall - SCMP

Brazil to fund food purchasing in five African countries - African Investor

As Asia private equity stalls, secondary firms march in - Reuters

Opening a business in Brazil now takes “only” 119 days! The good news? It used be 157! - Brazilian Bubble

Investment banking: The coming boom in FICC revenues - Euromoney

The high price of booming Brazil - FT

The East African ride to Middle Income - Africa Can End Poverty (World Bank blogs)

Global Monetary Relief From Asia - Economonitor

China: investing too little? - Beyond Brics

By some measures the US government debt situation is worse than the Eurozone periphery - Sober Look

Ivory Coast to Belize - a tale of two frontiers - Reuters

Risk of reversal rises as oil enters "danger zone": Kemp - Reuters

Japan, China to help Europe solve crisis via IMF - Bloomberg

Is China late to the party in Africa? - News 24

China's Great Balancing Act - Eurasia Group

Life after Wall Street - FT

Could Twitter predict the stock market? - Reuters

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